CRITICS: CRitical thInking feat. poliTICal activiSm

This project aims to empower our target group with the skills to understand: What are the reasons for radicalization and
how do radicalization processes work?

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Our Association

The President

It is through projects that we can continue with our mission: to empower people, groups, organisations and communities to respond autonomously to the demands and needs of the social inclusion process.
As Coordinators of this project, we hope to help youth in their empowerment against extremism and radicalism.



The Academy for Political Education and Measures to
Promote Democracy is a non-profit association for the
promotion of political education. The academy was founded
in 2017 with the aim of promoting equal opportunities

EPAL NAFPAKTOU is a vocational school with a long tradition in Vocational Education (the school was founded in 1967).
It educates around 300 students, from both rural and urban environments taught by 50 teachers who show an increased
interest for continuous improvement training

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