LIFEBIO – Life for Biodiversity





To develop motivation and interest of the youth to take actions they first need to acquire the relevant skills and knowledge in respective subject areas addressed to Climate change & Biodiversity Sustainability. To reach this objective a repertoire of
innovative methods, approaches, best practices with interactive tools will be created and developed under Capacity Building Pack (CBP) for the youth workers. They will be supported by the scientists experts, researchers with the up-to-date knowledge, facts, data on 6 themes addressed to the Climate change & Biodiversity Sustainability as stated below:
• The Importance of Ecosystems Conservation in Biodiversity
• Impacts of Human Activities on the Biodiversity Conservation
• Evidence of Climate Change
• Impacts of Changes in Temperatures and Precipitation
• Increased frequency and intensity of extreme weather events
• Impacts of Climate Changes in the Timing of Seasonal Periods/Phases

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