GS4E – Green Skills For Entrepreneurship




The Green Skills 4 Entrepreneurship – GS4E project aims at addressing the current challenges facing the European Union in developing a sustainable and green economy. The project seeks to enhance the skills and competencies of entrepreneurs
to enable them to innovate and drive the transition towards a greener and circular economy. GS4E will provide innovative
materials, resources, and practical tools, to equip entrepreneurs with the skills and knowledge required to succeed in the
emerging green economy.
The objectives of the GS4E project may be summarised as follows:
– To promote green entrepreneurship in Europe, fostering sustainable business practices and reducing the impact of
business activities on the environment.
– To provide entrepreneurs with the necessary skills and knowledge to create and manage sustainable businesses,
including business planning, management, and marketing.
– To facilitate collaboration and networking among entrepreneurs, business leaders, and other stakeholders in the green
business sector.
– To raise awareness of the importance of green entrepreneurship and its potential to drive economic growth and social

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